Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Corporate BuildingGertrude Hawk Chocolates is chocolate company located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.  Our factory is a large scale modern facility.  We have a variety of candy making equipment and a dedicated R&D team that can develop customized high quality products for you.  Below is list of our capabilities:

Plant Production Facility

  • 170,000 square foot modern production facility
  • 150,000 square foot warehouse/distribution center

Chocolate Refining:

  • Rotary-style combined refiners and conchers

1 Shot Shell Moulders:

  • Each machine has a computer-controlled dual depositing system
  • We can deposit pieces in sizes ranging from less than 3/10 gram to greater than 5 ounces
  • No company has more capicity or versatility with one shot shell moulders in the United States


  • Capability to double-enrobe with 2 types of coatings (For example: first layer peanut butter; second layer milk chocolate


  • Computer-controlled spray and air handling system
  • Ability to do a double coat (For example: first layer peanut butter; second layer dark chocolate)


  • In our kitchen we cook many of our centers using traditional methods to create toffee, caramel, jelly, cream coconut, truffle and others

Packaging Capabilities:

  • Horizontal form/fill/seal (HFFS): flow wrapping of individual chocolates into cellophane wrappers using robotic pick and place system
  • Vertical form/fill/seal (VFFS): vertical bagging with integrated high-speed bucket scale unit
  • Carton-erecting, auto-loading and sealing