Coatings & Variegates

Coatings & Variegates

Chocolates, coatings & variegates all formulated specially for your needs

Coatings and Variegates Gertrude Hawk Ingredients utilizes a rotary style combined refining and conching system.

This enables us to manufacture a variety of chocolates blends, confectionary coatings and variegates. We can ship our finished product to you in pails, drums or tankers.

The refined coating types that Gertrude Hawk Ingredients produces
are as follows:

  • Chocolates: Including milk, dark, and white
  • Compound Coatings:  Flavored coatings such as peanut butter and fruit flavors
  • Variegates:  Flavored coatings for inclusion into ice cream
  • Sugar Free: Milk and Dark Coatings
  • Low Melt: Formulations for use in ice cream products to remain soft at low (frozen) temperatures
  • Baking: Formulated for baked products to hold its shape at high temperatures
  • Organics:  Variety of products that meet Organic certification requirements
  • Fair Trade:  Coating and variegates utilizing fair trade supplies
  • Country of Origin:  Utilizing country specific ingredients

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