Private Label Chocolates

Private Label Chocolates

Put your company name and logo on our chocolates!

Products can be purchased unbranded (no-name) or choose our private labeling program to imprint your company's name and logo on the chocolate packaging. Your company name and logo can be imprinted on any of our boxed chocolates and molded products. Whether you are imprinting on the sleeve, box lid or film, your company name is sure to be noticed!

View our online catalog for a full listing of our no name and private label products. 

Private Label Chocolates

private_label_imgPlate Charges
Boxed Chocolates: $100.00 plate charge (one time charge)
The same plates may be used for more than one product when stamping sleeves. When stamping box lids, separate plates are required for each item ordered.

Molds: $50.00 plate charge (one time charge)
The same plates may be used for mire than one product.

Boxed Chocolates: $2,500 Per Item.
Any Cello Wrapped Chocolates: $1,500 Per Item.


Season Order Deadline
Holiday/Everyday August 1st
Valentine/Everyday November 1st
Spring/Everyday December 1st
Everyday February 1st
Everyday April 1st
Everyday June 1st

Interested in Private Labeling our chocolates with your brand?  Let us help you get your brand noticed!

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